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Price Bar Of Refine Search Block Not Working. Rate Topic   - - - - -

  • madhuri
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Posted 11 February 2015 - 06:21 AM #1

I am not able to change the price range(refine search block).it automatically changes to original values.
Please see the attached screenshot.

Thank You.

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Posted 11 February 2015 - 11:43 AM #2

I am not able to change the price range(refine search block).it automatically changes to original values.
Please see the attached screenshot.

Please contact theme developer and inform him about this issue. The filters works correctly with the default themes
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  • energothemes
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Posted 13 February 2015 - 06:17 PM #3

I am not able to change the price range(refine search block).it automatically changes to original values.
Please see the attached screenshot.

Hello madhuri,

As we also mentioned in the answer to your ticket on our support center, after doing an investigation on your server, we have seen that you are using CS-Cart Multivendor version 4.2.2 with some custom CS-Cart Multivendor core files modified to appear as CS-Cart Multivendor version 4.2.4 and a few required files necessary for our theme to work. This can be easily seen by following your installed upgrades report, and by the lack of the Live Editor and the grid dragging functionality added in CS-Cart 4.2.3 and CS-Cart Multivendor version 4.2.3.

So, you are running a VIVAshop theme version (which is compatible with the latest CS-Cart and Multivendor version 4.2.4), on a wrong CS-Cart Multivendor version (version 4.2.2.)

Custom CS-Cart core files modifications you have made, may also determine:

- this issue: http://forum.cs-cart...932#entry204932

- this issue: http://forum.cs-cart...841#entry204841

- this issue: http://forum.cs-cart...664#entry204664

- and this issue: http://forum.cs-cart...644#entry204644

A professional needs to investigate that code as well, and eventually reproduce those errors in order to determine the exact reasons for your issues and how hey can be fixed. Otherwise, it might happen that you could probably only get opinions based on what you describe.

You should probably expect to see other issues as well, should you not fix your CS-Cart core files changes, should you not fix your CS-Cart installation.

The only reason the default theme works is because it was designed for the CS-Cart version 4.2.2, which is actually the CS-Cart version you currently have on your server.

Therefore, our strongest and friendly advice is to hire a professional to get the things done right for you. There are plenty of talented programmers and good quality professionals right on this forum. This way you’ll save time and money, thus having more time to concentrate on your own business. Many people, instead of concentrating on their own business, they get stuck in code, or code changes, or adding functionalities that their users may never need. Adding new features to a store is an endless job, as in programming there is always something that can be done. Code is for programmers, you know your own business much better than anyone of us here. You have a great shopping software and you have a great ready made, out of the box theme. This is all you need for the beginning. Once you take your business off the ground, then you’ll have enough time to think about improving your store.

However, in case you cannot afford hiring somebody, which can definitely be understandable, at least follow CS-Cart instructions in order to correctly install it, then follow our documentation in order to get our theme installed and correctly configured. This is not hard, and you do not need programming knowledge. Once you have correctly done these, concentrate strictly on your business, on how to market your business, how to attract new vendors on your site as well as buyers for your vendors' products. Just don’t waste time. As we said, there will be plenty of time to improve your store later on, and you’ve got the best CS-Cart professionals right on this forum.

Kind regards,
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