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Posted 01 September 2014 - 08:48 AM #1

Hi there,

I would like to check the possibility of changing some shop functions / features.
We are currently using Multi-Vendor solution.
Description below:

1 We have one central warehouse, from which we ship products from different vendors / vendors. Is it possible to set the e-shop in a way that in the shop cart the shipping/handling will added only once for a given order, despite the fact that the orders are from several vendors?

2 Is it possible to send one email notification of the order to the customer, even though customer bought the products from several different vendors.

3 Is it possible to show in your the user account (Orders history) one order despite the fact that the order consist of several different products from different vendors.

For these reasons stated above, we consider also the change in the solution from Multi-Vendor to the classic version of CS-Cart. Is it possible to do it without problems?
The question is whether there is a simpler, easier and cheaper way to solve our problems. We know that vendors (in case of classical cs-cart) will not have access to their accounts.
What possible problems we will face if we decide do downgrade to the classic CS-Cart instead of developing missed features in Multi-Vendor version?

Best regards,

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