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Poll: Do you list your products on Google Base? (2 member(s) have cast votes)

Do you list your products on Google Base?

  1. Yes and find it very helpful. (7 votes [25.93%])

    Percentage of vote: 25.93%

  2. Yes, but not sure why :). (3 votes [11.11%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.11%

  3. No, I don't see any sense in this. (3 votes [11.11%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.11%

  4. No, but I'm interested. (10 votes [37.04%])

    Percentage of vote: 37.04%

  5. What is Google Base? (4 votes [14.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 14.81%

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  • gugga7
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Posted 29 May 2008 - 08:50 PM #41


I need some help with Google Base. It has been working for a couple of months with absolutely no problem. I haven't changed anything. Lately, it only exports 21 products out or 117. I get this kind of errors from the Google base error log for the products that did not post:

Success with errors
We recommend including this attribute: mpn. Line 43.

We recommend including this attribute: condition. Line 43.

We recommend including this attribute: isbn. Line 43.

We recommend including this attribute: brand. Line 43.

The item is missing a required attribute: description. Line 43.

Does anybody know why this is happening?

  • gugga7
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Posted 02 June 2008 - 09:04 PM #42

Update: the problem was actually with the descriptions, for some reason, it looks like description became mandatory lately for products in Google Base, never had this issue before. I added them and was able to upload the inventory again.

Google Base is an awesome and free way to bring traffic to your site, does anybody knows other FREE online malls where you can post products like that?

  • BrightFire
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Posted 18 June 2008 - 04:11 AM #43

I have a new cart set up for a client. And I am trying to get the products loaded on googlebase. I have a googlebase account, I have the FTP logins for that. And I have exported the products and it shows as successful. However there is nothing in my googlebase admin showing the products nor can I find the products on the googlebase.

Can someone give me some more detailed stpe by steps instructions to getting this all set up. I want to see what I might have missed.

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  • pbradish
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Posted 06 December 2008 - 11:40 AM #44

I'm shocked to see that only 9 of 26 were on Froogle/Google Base. I posted this on another forum and will post it here as well:

It's free, ultra targeted traffic. It really doesn't get much better than that :).
I can associate between 50 - 100 clicks per day from google base / froogle for one of our sites, and it's always converted well.

It takes about 5 minutes - and only has to be done once per month. There's really no reason not to assuming that your products fall within Google's guidelines.

  • CutRiteFX
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Posted 07 July 2009 - 05:23 PM #45

I am running 2.05 and when trying to export Goggle Base with just the default.
This is what I get

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And it just sits there and web browser says it's done.

I had no problem with 1.35 but can't get this to work in 2.05

((((U P D A T E)))))

This is what I found. Although it just said _exporting_data and just will just sit there.

I found that going back to Administration and selecting Export Data. On this page
you will see Exported files. You have to click on it and it will open up a window showing you your
exported files.

  • knowmad
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Posted 27 July 2009 - 03:30 PM #46


So is the Google base integration working in 2.0 or not? I couldn't tell by your update message.

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Posted 08 November 2009 - 12:06 AM #47

I am also wondering....

Version 4.13.3

  • snorocket
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Posted 08 November 2009 - 02:56 AM #48

working for me here...
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 09:43 PM #49

Working for me as well....
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Posted 28 December 2009 - 01:01 AM #50

Google base is awsome for me.. I get sales out the wahoo with them.