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Posted 24 October 2019 - 02:58 PM #161

New Version of Live Search Add-on for CS-Cart 

Live Search Version 3.0 (Sep 16, 2019).


Compatibility: CS-Cart 4.3.6 or higher

Make sure that you use CS-Cart version 4.3.6 or higher. If an older version is installed, you need to upgrade CS-Cart to version 4.3.6.


What is New: Redesigned Live Search view




Ability to Customize the Live Search view

You can change the colors of the live search main elements on a separate page.




Buttons "To Wishlist" and "To Comparison List"


Animated Search Motivation


Animated text in the Search field that attracts attention and encourages action.




Featured Products and Suggestions

You can add search phrases and set the Featured products and Search Suggestions for them. Besides suggestions can be formed automatically from the search history.









  Spell check added


Yandex.Speller was integrated to check spelling in the search queries. If the search returns no results and the search phrases for the query are not set, the corrected word variants will be shown.




Categories in the search results


Separate section for categories and the ability to show the category path added.



Now you can either group products by the category or show category label for each product.


Ability to Show Brands in the Search Results



Redesigned Search History

Analytics has become much easier. We divided the Search History into 3 sections:


  1. All search history



Use this data to analyze search queries on your site.


  1. Grouped phrases


There you can see a list of the most frequent search queries in your store. If you see many requests for a product that you do not sell, you can consider to start selling it.


  1. Product clicks




The summary table shows the products, the total number of clicks for each product and the list of clickable search phrases.


Breakdown of search queries clicks see on the product details page:


Products > Products > [Product_name] > Search by Product tab




Why is it useful? Bring products with higher conversion requests to the home page. Analyze why some products have low click-through rates and correct them. So you can increase sales.

Ability to Enable/Disable Search History Recording

In the previous version it was enabled by default and there was no option to disable it.

Cache Generation Mechanism was Improved (for Large Stores)

In the previous version only one common cache table was generated for the Live search. Now a separate cache table is generated for each language used on the storefront. As a result, the number of rows in each table reduces. The add-on will check the storefront language and will search through one single table instead of all database tables. It takes less time to process such a request.

Ability to speed up search in the stores with large product databases

The Search is accelerated by indexing the beginnings of words and limiting the number of fields that are searched through.

Ability to Search by Vendor (Multi-Vendor)

Enables search by the Vendor name field.  All products of the Vendor will appear in the search results. Works in Multi-Vendor edition only.


Price is 79 USD

Buy now Live search

How to Upgrade?

If you have a license with an active upgrade subscription — download the distribution package of the new version from the detailed order page in your personal account.


If the subscription has expired - renew it in your personal account on store.cart-power.com.


Check out the Live Search Demo.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in this thread or via the contact form on our website.


Buy now Live Search add-on


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Posted 02 June 2020 - 08:16 PM #162

The latest version of this add-on is very good, I use it on my store.  No bugs which makes me happy.  Would like to suggest you update it to support the new product variations as we are supposed to move away from product options apparently.


So if I have a variation of a speaker, in color white and black. (2 products linked together by varation) this search add-on will treat it like it does for options. 

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Posted 03 June 2020 - 06:52 PM #163

Would like to suggest you update it to support the new product variations as we are supposed to move away from product options apparently.


I don't believe product options are going away.  However, 'option combinations' have indeed been replaced with 'variations'.  But options better be here to stay.

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Posted 17 March 2021 - 02:29 PM #164

For years I've been using the Quick Search addon from Alt Team and been happy with it. However, it recently stopped working properly, but the developers are not answering support tickets and the addon seems to have been abandoned.


Cart-Power's Live Search is a worthy alternative...I may even like it better. Purchase and installation of the addon was seamless and quick. I did have a minor issue which turned out to be a conflict between the addon and the Vivashop theme, but they fixed it and have added the fix to the addon code so it won't return when I update.


Overall very impressed with this add on and its developer, Cart-Power!