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Product Labels Plus For Cs-Cart 4.x Rate Topic   * * * * * 1 votes

  • dvsgr
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Posted 24 August 2015 - 04:57 PM #41

Dear dvsgr,

Great job on the Product Label add-on and we appreciate that you have dedicated your time to ensure compatibility with our VIVAshop theme.

Just one quick correction to be done so you won’t confuse your potential or future Product Label add-on users as well as existing or future VIVAshop users: Our theme has never got to version 4.3.3., it is currently at version 2.1. We assume that the “4.3.3” you are referring to is the CS-Cart version that VIVAshop version 2.1 is compatible with, and thus “VIVAshop V4.3.3” is incorrectly said.

Therefore, in order to avoid any confusion, as well as people asking us for VIVAshop v4.3.3 (which does not exist) so that they can use your Product Label add-on, we believe that “VIVAshop V4.3.3.” should be changed into “VIVAshop 2.1.”

Hope this helped :)

Kind regards,

Thank you guys, I have corrected my post as suggested!

Fotis Kourmadas
Cs-Cart Development - Cs-Cart Authorized Reseller