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How to add to cart the Product Configurator List Rate Topic   - - - - -

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Posted 10 May 2011 - 05:32 AM #1

Hi Guys,

Good Day to you all master

i have small problem adding the Products Configurator into the cart

if i put 3 quantity in the "text" then i will click the add to cart button, they will add into the cart, i have problem putting which value i need to put in the form,

here is my site

also this is my code below

<div class="form-field{if !$capture_options_vs_qty} product-list-field{/if}{if $settings.Appearance.quantity_changer == "Y"} changer{/if}" id="qty_{$obj_prefix}{$obj_id}">
<label for="qty_count_{$obj_prefix}{$obj_id}">{$quantity_text|default:$lang.quantity}:</label>
{if $product.qty_content}
<select name="product_data[{$obj_id}][amount]" id="qty_count_{$obj_prefix}{$obj_id}">
{assign var="a_name" value="product_amount_`$obj_prefix``$obj_id`"}
{assign var="selected_amount" value=false}
{foreach name="`$a_name`" from=$product.qty_content item="var"}
<option value="{$var}" {if $product.selected_amount && ($product.selected_amount == $var || ($smarty.foreach.$a_name.last && !$selected_amount))}{assign var="selected_amount" value=true}selected="selected"{/if}>{$var}</option>
{if $settings.Appearance.quantity_changer == "Y"}
<div class="center valign cm-value-changer">
<a class="cm-increase"><img src="{$images_dir}/icons/up_arrow.gif" width="11" height="5" border="0" /></a>
<input type="text" size="5" class="input-text-short cm-amount" id="qty_count_{$obj_prefix}{$obj_id}" name="product_data[{$obj_id}][amount]" value="{$default_amount}" />
{if $settings.Appearance.quantity_changer == "Y"}
<a class="cm-decrease"><img src="{$images_dir}/icons/down_arrow.gif" width="11" height="5" border="0" /></a>


Posted 14 May 2011 - 11:42 PM #2

I just switched to version 2.1.4 Professional and I'm have to redo the product configurator. and I'm lost...
All the previous terms for things are changed! How do I this?
And what is this "Live Mode" thing at the bottom of the screen do?

Using version 4.3.3.SP1 and learning.