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Posted 16 February 2011 - 11:53 PM #41


If Indy did get banned it is because she deserved it. She has been warned time and time again about her posts and it kind of pisses people off.

If she has been banned, than I say good riddens.

Also, what is Indy to you guys? I've always been under the impression that she is your wife or something. If that is the case, I understand why you are on here defending her and can totally respect that, but you should also realize how many times she has been warned for various posts.


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Posted 17 February 2011 - 12:16 AM #42


How about a little straight forward common sense business advise for yourself & the entire Martfox group.

You really should quickly learn that everytime a person from your organization gets involved in one of these public "nasty debates", it will have a definite negative effect on your business, guaranteed!

It is very easy for at least myself to see, that you are actually shooting yourself in the foot in each & every one of these situations, and have been for quite some time now.........

The simplest way to view this is that "sometimes you just need to know when to not speak"!

Personally, I would quickly realize that any of my potential business customers which read more than even one of these "nasty debates" is highly likely to have some real second thoughts about wanting to run their business on my hosting service, as a PR person you should not have a great deal of difficulty in understanding this, right? ;)
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Posted 17 February 2011 - 01:26 AM #43


About the only thing this forum seems to be worth anymore is the drama! The sad part then is the drama really is not that good.

The other sad part is this forum has become an ATTACK ENGINE! I really have not seen that many problems with Indy. Yes, I see things that are not that useful, but about half the crap in this post are NOT useful!

In regards to people advertising their services, etc. I have gone back and forth about this myself. I have seen post where Indy has been helpful and I have seen others that she has not been helpful. Shoot, with the amount of post I put up and no one even replies other than to attack, I welcome someone at this point...even if they are just wanting to post an ad! This forum is drifting off to NO ONE being here. I'm not exactly for sure why, but threads like this one need to be just buried and not seen anymore.

In regards to some saying that Martfox should not reply is WRONG! It is so sad the type of attacks some of you people make on this forum! The sad part is when I did have a problem with someone who sold CS stuff I then had my hand slapped that I was told that I was "flaming" someone. Shoot, being flamed on this forum is a constant occurrence but it appears you have to be in with the "in crowd" in order to be able to do the flaming!


BTW, I don't work for martfox. I don't know who Indy is. I don't host with martfox. I have NOTHING to do with martfox and I do not endorse their hosting or anyone's hosting! What I do endorse is some of the crappy threads like these being "hidden" or zapped.

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Posted 17 February 2011 - 06:17 AM #44

@ CS-Cart forum admins:

Do you think somenthing like this:


... is not a reason to get banned? If not (for you), then congratulation.

Anyway it is your opinion and decision, but for me very misunderstandable.

Here is an extract (and example) of some forum rules:

In order to protect the forums and its community members from legal risk, and to maintain an environment that encourages constructive debate and discussion, the following inappropriate material may not be posted on this message board and we reserve the right to remove any material at our sole discretion without notice at anytime:

* Posting inflammatory, abusive, racist or otherwise offensive comments, remarks, language or insinuations.
* Posting material to which a third party claims copyright, other intellectual rights or that breaches applicable laws without a) permission from the owner of such copyright or other intellectual property rights or B) adequate referencing and acknowledgement of the owner of such copyright or other intellectual property rights.
* Posting obscene, vulgar or pornographic material including links to other website’s that contain or promote this material.
* Posting guides or partaking in the discussions of how to unlock or circumvent copyrighted or protected software and technologies.
* Posting content or sensitive information that may invade the personal privacy of another individual or business.
* Posting, requesting or distributing material via e-mail or the private messaging system that contravenes any of the terms.
* Posting pictures or graphical images within your post that are not hosted on your own web space or without the explicit permission of the web space owner. (Typically referred to as hot-linking).
* Posting any material that contravenes any applicable laws.

As a community member, should you come across any material which you believe is inappropriate you may use the report post feature within individual community threads or alternatively you may contact us directly.

Yes, something like this, is clear for me.

John Jordan

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 07:28 PM #45

Full disclosure, SiteGround warned me that they were seeing CPU usage spikes caused by a CS-Cart script. After the warning, I assumed it was due to the new Quick Search Add-On. I disabled the add-on and was in the process of recruiting some help to diagnose the CS-Cart installation. Seven days past and SiteGround shut down the site. Apparently, the CPU usage was not caused by the add-on. I did not reply to SiteGround during that seven day period because of my assumptions. SiteGround was reasonable in shutting down the site because it could have potentially effective the performance of the server and other sites hosted on it. I can understand this. Still, to restrict access to the c-panel, email, ftp, is draconian. This effectively cut all communication avenues with my online customers and was debilitating to my business. As a CS-Cart partner, SiteGround should have been taken an effort to assist in pin pointing the script and provide possible solutions other than switching to a dedicated server which would have no at all solved the issue.

Before anyone comments, I do understand that this is an old post, but since I came across it and there is likely to be other people who may come across the same thing, I thought I would relay a past experience.

I was doing site support for a customer who had us build them an ecommerce website for their business. We used CS-Cart for the software and just did our own custom skin for the site. Everything was fine and the site had been live for 6 to 8 months averaging around 1k unique visitors a day. At the time, the website was hosted on Lunar Pages with no issues.

I have a employee that is paid to upload products onto the website, and also do some minimul SEO work to the site. One of her techniques that she used for SEO work, was to do some keyword research using the site statistics in the admin page. One day I was in my office and looking at the website when I suddenly received that trusty "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" error. I had already hit refresh a couple of times when I heard her say from the other office that her query was hung up. I thought maybe the server was busy, so I gave it about 15 minutes and tried to access the site again with the same results. So being curious, I tried to access the website from every computer in the office all with the same results.

I now began to think that perhaps the employee has inadvertently blocked our IP address or something within the admin panel. So I tried to log into the websites Cpanel to look at the .htaccess file which I believe is where CS-Cart blocks IP addresses, but received the same error message that "This Page Cannot Be Displayed". I now decided to call Lunar Pages to check and see if there were any technical issues with the server, or if we had somehow blocked ourselves.

After calling Lunar Pages and being passed to a couple of different technical support people which I had to explain my story to, I was finally passed to a supervisor of some sorts who explained to me that our site had been taken offline due to an extreme amount of drain on their system which originated from our website.

Well to make a very long story short, we too had our account suspended indefinitely and played hell trying to get the software and database backups off the site so that we could host the site with another company. In all, the website was down for nearly a week and was eventually loaded onto our own VPS server just in order to get the site back online again.

It was during that week that I found out that not only did the query the young lady was performing cause a drain on the Lunar Pages system, but on Host Gator's system as well. This is because apparenly Lunar Pages buys rack space from Host Gator. And not only did it cause a drain on the system, but crashed the server that our site was previously residing on. And if that wasn't bad enough, not only did it crash that server but it actually brought down the entire Texas region, thus crashing countless amounts of websites.

So what did I learn from this experience, it is that although the built in website statistics in CS-Cart are very useful for any number of administrative functions, they also cause a huge resource drain on the websites host. And thanks to software commands such as Snoop, they will eventually figure out who is draining their system and shut you down. Since that event, we no longer use the built in stat gathering function of CS-Cart and do not recommend it to any of our customers as well. I'm sure that smaller websites with less traffic and a smaller stat database would have no issues running the statistics function within CS-Cart, but we are a little gun shy of it now.

So, if your website is having unexplained drains on server resources, try disabling the stats on the site and see if they improve. Fixing your websites load might be just a click away.
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Posted 11 January 2012 - 09:34 PM #46

Just a note... The statistics tables in the cart can get very large, very quickly. It is a good idea to "clear statistics" at opportune times.

It is unfortunate there isn't a "clear old statistics" where you could have a setting measured in days that would clear any session info older than X days old.

The newer versions of the cart try to limit the impact by only doing about 5 days worth of stat gathering at a time rather than a month or so. If the site gets 1K host visits per day then that's 30K data to parse and prepare in HTML (much of it as hidden divs but still gets sent to the browser).

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Posted 12 January 2012 - 08:42 AM #47

Hi there

Same i too agree with the view.


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Posted 06 May 2012 - 05:32 AM #48

i cant agree with you..their refund policy doing great job.i was their past customer..here i posted a review about their refund policy in reviewcentre. original post www[dot]reviewcentre.com/Web-Hosting-Companies/Site-Ground-www-siteground-com-review_1537917

Siteground...i love it...i purchased 1 year shared hosting account on 04th march 2012...then i use it 1 month and 5 days...then i switch it to their semi dedicated hosting 1 month trial period.and i use it till today(2012/05/05)

then i want to go fot the unmanaged VPS provider..So i choosed myhosting.com(because the cheap price)
Then i asked to get my remain 11 month money from siteground....

then they sent me this email

Dear Sanjana,

Thank you for contacting SiteGround Web Hosting Services!

My name is Ivan M. I am a Customer Care Representative and I am writing in regards to your conversation with me and David from Support.

Before we proceed I would like to explain a little bit how our refund policy works. Indeed we have a 30-days money-back-guarantee. Normally, this guarantee is voided by upgrading to Semi-Dedicated even for the trial period. However, since we value our clients and we want to preserver good client relations, I will make a special one-time exception for you and issue you a refund to your credit card account. It will take about 6-7 business days for it to arrive in your bank statement.

If you have any further questions or issues do not hesitate to contact us back anytime!

Best regards!

then they issued 1 year full refund for me.....this is the best webhosting service i ever had....love you siteground......