Zoom Mod on product large image


We can offer you for a competitive price with or without install a module that allows you to zoomify/magnify the products within the product detail page.

Demo on [url]http://www.sexystore.ca/sexy-clothes/vinyl-skirts/vinyl-mini-skirt.html[/url] (rollover the large image on the left).

Contact us if you are interested.

Take care

This is the first mod where I say : useless.


What cost this mod?

I am not sure the zoomify effect would be useful. It depends on the type of products you sell. However I like the instant pop up effect when you click on secondary pictures. Very neat…

So how much is your “competitve price” for this? :slight_smile:

You can do this yourself, here is the script:


Or this one, much better, :shock:

[url]mind-projects.it - mind projects Resources and Information.

Thanks Zardos,

Do you know one that brings up and retrieves the picture to the front?

If you click on the second picture in the initial website, you’ll be able to see how the image shows with a nice effect :slight_smile:

The zoomify effect is not very important I guess, unless you sell specific products that could use it.

Thanks you!

[quote name=‘zardos’]Or this one, much better, :shock:

[url]mind-projects.it - mind projects Resources and Information.

How about the ability to just display the large image on the product detail page instead of a thumbnail. My large images are not larger that 250px wide so I would rather have this image display on the product page rather than the thumbnail. Does anyone know how to do this with 1.3.5

Never mind. I found what I was looking for here


What kind of template is this site www.sexystore.ca using?

That’s a custom template.