Zip Codes for Shipping

Im having an issue with setting up different rates for different zip codes in the US

I am essentially adding Zone 1, Zone 2 etc as locations so I can set up my UPS shipping rates based on zones.

The issue I am having is in the zip code box for the locations. I want to put a range of zip codes, but when I typed in something like “11700-12699” and tested it out using a zip code in that range on the checkout page, the shipping option did now show up. I am trying to use ranges because for example Zone 7 would be codes like 00400-00599, 01000 - 04699, etc.

It would obviously take me forever to type them all in individually so I’m looking for an easier way to do it or the correct way if Im doing it incorrectly.

Thanks in advance!

You can create a zip code based location with wildcards (?,). This means that a location can include 00400 to 00500 like this:



but if the range of zip codes is 166* - 227*, can you express it this way or must you go:





… and on through to 227*

You should be able to use wildcards in a range.