Zero Stock action

This is a really simple addon but very handy. I currently have it running just by doing a modification on the code, but i’m not really good at codding so i could never do it as an addon and improve more options on it.

The idea is when you stock has the value of zero the action will take effect.

This are the options that i have running on my shop:

On Order


Out of Stock

Out of Print


The idea behind it is when one of your item gets to 0 in stock it will display a different message on the storefront.

Out of Stock example if i have 10 copys of The matrix but i cant get any more i just select the out of stock option so when i sells all 10 copys it will automatically say out of stock on the storefront. all so with the out of stock option it will hide the buy button and keep the wishlist button.


If i want to make on item on pre-order i just leave the stock in zero and select the pre-order option.

Now with the pre-order i have integrated it with the buy in advanced option thats on the back office, so if i don’t click on the buy in advanced or put on the date when its out it will just say “Pre-Order This product will be released on the (TBC)” but if i but in a date and click on the buy in advanced it will replace the TBC with the date. and if you put in the date put don’t click on the buy advanced then it will hide the buy button.

Out of Print

With this option it will hide the buy and wishlist button. and display the out of print message on the storefront.


will hide the buy and wishlist button and not display any message on the storefront.

as i mentioned above im not really code at coding, the other option i would like to put on it are; adding it to export and edit fields menu, adding option do add custem fields with the option if you would like to hide the wishlist and buy button, show it on the products menu so you can see the status of the item and change it with out having to go in to the products.

Any one up to the making this in to an official addon!

Visit my shop over at so you can see it in action

Here are some pics of it working as o mod on my shop.

Screen shot 2011-04-29 at 00.24.24.png

Screen shot 2011-04-29 at 00.24.49.png

Screen shot 2011-04-29 at 00.28.36.png

Hi projectmyst,

what do you use to display the Bestseller product ? the block scroller ?

yes the block scroller, but i have modified it a little.

I’d be willing to help you, but it all depends on whether the changes you made can be done via hooks or whether they require changes to the standard files. If they require changes to the standard files then it is not able/ready to be an addon but should be marketed as a ‘mod’ and will probably require ongoing maintenance at each new release.

The changes i did was the code its self but i wanted to get it done by hooks so it can be done as an addon witch will make thinks a lot easier when it comes to upgrading ca-cart.

Sorry for late response…

Without knowing what you changed, it is difficult to advise on doing it as an addon.

PM me your email address and i will email you what i have changed so you can have a look and see what it can be done, or if it can be done at all.

I'm definitely interested in this. A feature I have looking for, for quite some time now. Is anyone interested in turning this into an addon? I'd be happy to contribute $$$'s towards it.