Zero Price Action - Default

Hello everyone.

On the Zero Price action is there a way to default it to 'allow customers to add to cart'?

Its not a major problem but I am trying to make the process of listing a product as simple as possible for my suppliers and think this would help as it could easily be over looked.

Someone will probably come along and tell you which bit to amend in which TPL file,


You can export all products for now with the "Product code" and "Zero price action" fields and change from R to P, then bring back in

  • R—do not allow to add the product to cart.
  • P—allow to add the product to cart.
  • A—ask customer to enter the price.

Run this query to change it in the database.

ALTER TABLE `cscart_products` CHANGE `zero_price_action` `zero_price_action` CHAR(1) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT 'P';