Zend Opcache Question?

We're updating our store to 4.3.1 and we want to make many of the suggested server changes stated here http://blog.cs-cart…-cs-cart-4-3-1/ . In regards to CS-Cart's OPcache suggestion, when we asked our host about this, below was there reply:

“Zend OPcache is not currently enabled, but I can enable it for you. But only if we first switch the server from suphp to dso+mod_ruid2. Suphp is not compatible with opcode cachers such as Zend OPcache or APC. But even without an opcode cacher installed, dso+mod_ruid2 is still more efficient than suphp, so I would recommend this switch either way.”

Do you think we'd have any issues with 4.3.1 from switching the server from suphp to dso+mod_ruid2 so we can enable Zend OPcache?