YumBadges.com - New customised Store

Plenty yet to do but even so this is already quite a large step away from the regular look. Lots of hacking up the code and moving templates around but it is getting there. :slight_smile:


Would love thoughts and suggestions :slight_smile:

Looks great, a few more tweaks on some things to get rid of the default blue/orange color scheme and get to red/black and your site is Golden.

Nice Job, I like it.

really nice

doesn’t even look like cs- cart :slight_smile:

Thanks all. Yeah, lots of little bits still to change like the css accents, the cart section at the top, and then to add some new features etc.

But looking good so far :slight_smile:

Ah, cs cart crew just fixed my cart, you can now add and remove items without issue :slight_smile:

And other bits are now working again :slight_smile:

Looks really good in FF2, but in IE7 you have a few issues, Site News sidebox is squashed, category separators aren’t right and the content is only using half the page, and IE6 is a mixture between the two.

Don’t you just love Microsoft. :mad:

Thanks Charlie! Will try and have a look into that shortly :slight_smile:

Nice site, may I ask, how did you put the background in behind the site (the black bg with what seems to be a grey E)?



Just updated the site quite a bit with a new design. More work to do but it’s quite a few steps forward now :slight_smile:

you should release that skin to the cs cart community

It is better than all the stock skins

And then it becomes a stock skin and I don’t stand out :frowning: sniff

But I understand what you are saying :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:

great work !

How you solve picture watermarking ?


phpthumb :wink: