Your Cart Is Empty

We have an odd issue. We are using widget mode. We have a custom built site with our own security login protocol.

When someone browses the store and adds something to the cart without being logged in. And then they login to the main site we log them into the store with their corresponding cs cart account by creating a session that simulates the user logging into the store.

When that happens it wipes out the cart and shows an empty cart. It also happens the other way. If the user is logged in and adds something to the cart and then logs out of the main site which logs them out of the cs cart side it wipes out the cart and wont’ show back up until they log back in.

It seems the logged in / anonymous session is holding the items in the cart and won’t transfer between the two. Is there a setting that somewhere to force the cart contents to only be kept by a cookie on the users machine and not the logged in session?


Same for me . mve 4.2.x … cart empties itself. It doesnt happen always so difficult to debug.

I'm seeing the same thing in a new 4.2.1 store I just launched. Any suggestions?