"Your 30-day evaluation period has expired"

We're getting this message popping up on our CS Cart installation with paid-for Professional Edition license key entered:

“Your 30-day evaluation period has expired. Please purchase the full commercial license (CS-Cart licenses - professional ecommerce website software) or remove the software from your server.”

I notice that this complaint has appeared many times on these forums before, but there does not appear to be an answer to what is causing the problems (most threads simply end with support staff asking for FTP access to the server and nothing more).

Some people said that this happened when they were working on the backend as we were (I am currently trying to figure out how to write a simple addon), but it's more likely that this is because it is 30 days since we entered the current key… even though it is a commercial one! (*) (The problem also only started this morning, no problems when I was working on it yesterday).

We've tried logging out, clearing the browser cache and logging back in again (as was suggested elsewhere), but this does not appear to work.

Any help would be appreciated- thank you.

  • Smich

    (*) Additional; our paid-for license is for “ourdomain.com” (not its real name!) I assume that there would be no problem in running it under “test.ourdomain.com”.

    We had to migrate the trial installation running under “anotherdomain.com” when the trial license finished (CS Cart complained that our professional license was not for “anotherdomain.com” so we moved it to “test.ourdomain.com”). We have had no complaints like that since, so we assume that the problem is not with the domain.

Thank you for your reply.

The problem appeared to have stopped shortly before I left work yesterday and hasn't recurred today, so I assume this was the cause.

As the other thread says, this is not at all impressive- I appreciate that the server may occasionally go down, but it would make sense if the software (a) had a buffer period that allowed for short outages and ( b ) the message stated that the license could not be validated becausethe server could not be contacted (because of a problem on either your end or their end) rather than saying “your 30 day trial has expired”.

Once again, thanks for your help.


Thank you sir!