You Cannot Start A New Topic Under Development Category

Title say's it all.
"You cannot start a new topic under development category"

Why's that?

Have a question about custom addons and hooks.

Maybe I could just ask here.

There a 3rd party site who have links to our website. When users are redirected to our site they also give an referral_id. For example:

What I want to do is create a hook who would catch that referral_id and store it in the cookies.
(The only thing I am struggling is to find the right hook).

I am in the same boat. I have registered to ask for an advice and I cannot ask anything. It seems now I have to make 3 pointless posts which is kind of weird for a product support forum.

Moderators, is it really necessary to block new users from asking questions with new posts until they do 3 posts in somebody else's thread?