Yet another memory exceeded question

I have been trying to let things settle down before installing gzip and smartoptimizer - I definitely plan to do this but, will that help with this problem:

I imported all the customers from my old store, and apparently it was too much. When I am in the admin tool, if I click on users>customers I get the error at the bottom:

My host said they can’t allocate me more memory, because I am on shared hosting. They suggested going on dedicated hosting which I don’t really think is worth the expense, given the level of traffic my site gets.

Another option is to purge the customer database of people who have not ordered any products that are currently active, which I guess would have to be done in MYSQL because I can’t get in via the admin tool. There was a huge list of products that I did not bring over, so maybe that is causing the database to hang up looking for them.

Database error: Out of memory (Needed 1049196 bytes) (5)

Invalid query: SELECT cscart_users.user_id, cscart_users.user_login, cscart_users.is_root, (etc…)


File: (my store’s directory) /core/my store’s database name.php


That is only a little more than 1MB. If that is all they allow then you need a new host.

Oh man. That idea is not appealing. I will check again.

When I first launched I was able to load the customers just fine and a few days later I couldn’t, and I may have added a few customers but it’s not like I added enough to break it.

I don’t think just deleting customers is a great solution either, since I add several every day and I don’t think I have an excessive amount. I was only with my last cart for 2 years, so it was only the last 2 years’ worth.

First you should just email your host and see what they say…

They also might have a slightly more expensive package that might do. What is your hosting company?

Moving to another host might seem like something very difficult, but it really isn’t.

My current host (future hosting) moved my site without downtime in about 15 minutes.

You should also uninstall any add-ons you’re not using. This might make the cart a bit easier to run (I heard)

Thanks. I am using Site Ground semi-dedicated that was recommended by CS-Cart. It’s not the cheapest plan and it’s quite a bit more than my hosting for ISC was, and for all the issues I had with ISC I never exceeded the hosting company’s capabilities.

After fiddling with it more today, I put in another ticket to CS-Cart because I think there might be a root cause we need to address. When the site first launched, I didn’t have any problems looking at my users in the admin tool (users>customers). A few days later, I couldn’t get into it at all and got the memory error.

I did the optimize database thing, which didn’t help. I can also uninstall some addons I don’t use. Thanks for the suggestion and the reassurance that it won’t kill me to move if necessary.

What is your memory_limit setting in config.local.php? If it’s the distributed ‘48M’ then change it to ‘128M’.

Also, would help to see the exact PHP error_log entry.

My memory limit setting is 256, so that’s not the problem.

CS-Cart customer support told me to tell the host to increase the max_allowed_packet - 16M which they also won’t do because I’m on semi-dedicated hosting. They told me to get dedicated hosting which is ridiculous.

These errors don’t show up in php_errorlog

So… looks like I either need to purge old customers from the database or move. What are the ramifications of moving hosts now? Will it hurt my search engine ranking? Of course I won’t be changing domain names but I finally got everything working except for this so…

Why on earth would you need a mySQL packet size greater than 16MB?

16MB is usually the default. If they have it down to 1MB, then you probably need a different host.

The host currently has the MySQL maximum allowed packet set to 8MB.

CS-Cart support suggested 16MB, because we can’t run this SQL query either in the admin tool itself or even using (I presume) MySQL in the control panel.

Thanks for your inputs. I’m not sure what is reasonable or not reasonable, because even though I had a ton of problems with ISC, this wasn’t one of them.

Laura, there will never be a better time to switch to a better hosting company than today/now! There are 3-4 highly recommended/proven hosting company choices of which have had considerable mention recently by forum users, just do a quick search and you will find them.

I don’t recommend hosting companies, although I have been on a Hostgator VPS plan for about 18 months now and am extremely satisfied with our results, several other CS-Cart users also like them quite well. I have called them once over 18 mos, and filled out one support ticket to purchase an SSL cert, other than that, no need to contact.

PS: I have recently read several good reports from “more experienced” CS forum users using the following hosts:


Future Host



After getting your site on a better host, I would very soon make sure you have Gzip enabled on your server & then install Smartoptimizer (both are easier than you think & normally painless)!

These two additional details are then most likely all you need to focus on to get your site performance up to par other than the basics of general site design which I am certain you are already familiar with (image optimzation, elimination of html & CSS errors, etc).

I hear you. I just really wanted to be done with this and move on to the next thing! Blech!

[QUOTE]I hear you. I just really wanted to be done with this and move on to the next thing! Blech![/QUOTE]

I can understand that, although I can hear you beating your head on your desk all the way over here! I view it as the hosting company you run on is like the foundation your home sits on, build your home on a poor foundation and you will have continuous regrets! :shock:

Looks like Hostgator offers to transfer your site for you, so I will use them, then do the gzip etc. I tried doing gzip this weekend and I couldn’t get it it work, so I will just wait til I move. Guess I know what is on the menu for this weekend’s fun activities!

Hi Lauraluc,

I think you will find that Gzip will already be installed on your Hostgator server, so good luck!

Let us know how it is going when you get a spare minute. :wink:

Finally got it moved. HosGator was very helpful! My site is crazy fast now. Thank you for the suggestion!!