Yahoo Web Hosting

Has anyone successfully gotten CS-Cart to work with Yahoo Web Hosting? I am having trouble. I have followed the manual provided, but there seems to be some things missing. 1) I’ve uncompressed the CS-Cart file and placed it on the server using Filezilla. 2) I’ve set the permissions for the catalog, var and so forth. 3) I activated the database even though the versions are not matching. 4) My index.html only says It Works! I can’t get the Installation Wizard. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Hi Jason,

You’ll find that “large” webhosting companies are based upon getting the biggest amount of account on a single server, for this reason resources cannot be adequately served to high usage scripts such as “CS-Cart” in these environments.

I suggest that you look for another webhost because as I know it, Yahoo webhosting is just as bad as Godaddy so the choice really is slim.

If you are to review threads listed in this link below you will be able to make a choice on what webhost is ideal for you and your budget.

[url]CS-Cart Community Forums

Thanks for the heads up Jesse. It began to seem like Yahoo wasn’t the best for me.

Yahoo hosting, RUN! I’ve had some nightmares come out of yahoo hosting, converting new clients from that to a real account is such a pain. Oh yeah and actually getting possession of your domain is another story competely.