Yahoo Shopping and

Our old eCommerce host (prostores) automated the uploads to yahoo shopping and for us. Kind of like how CS-Cart works with google-base. Does CS-Cart work with these like it does with google-base? We can’t find anything in the admin panel…

If not, does anyone have a good system for getting their products on those sites?

Thanks for any guidance.

The next release (2.0.9) is supposed to have a Data Feed option. You can preview it at Use your forum credentials for access. You will need to install the Data Feed add-on in Administration->Addons then take a look around.


Ok I messed around there. This feature will allow you to generate a file by mapping fields to the expected .csv or .xls format. That’s cool. Then you just download it and upload it where you need to. e.g. yahoo shopping or etc.

But there is no direct upload like google base correct?

If you fill in the FTP information and set the Cron export setting to FTP, it should upload automatically. At least, I think that is how it works.