Xsite with Cs Cart ?

I know that there has being many posts in this forum about CMS and design as well as integration

with ease on modifying the cart. Most of the time when modification or editing is needed you

would have to have some kind of knowledge in how to getr done! :grin:

I also know that cs cart is one of the easiest to

implement or edit compared to other carts out there.

I have being looking at how to make it easier to edit or even install features that I think would

help my store. One product that is interesting to me and would like to see if anyone else is using

or have looked at is Xsite Pro?

With many features that I think can be used by all sorts of stores and ease of integration and many valuable features seems to me that it can be a good product that can be used to make it easier to make and add quick changes to a store front.

I am not sure if this can be done but would like someone with more knowledge to give feed back.

Just checking Thanks :unsure:

Looks to me like an outdated sort of wordpress. Really would not see the benefit.