XML Import + bulk delete

I need help on the following topics:

  1. I am wondering if it is possible to import with quantity greater than zero. When supplier provides out of stock products (quantity = 0), I want cs-cart to skip importing those products. Is there any method available to do this?

  2. Is there any easy way to delete bulk products. The default max to delete is only 250 products. Any idea on how to delete more than 250 items (e.g delete 1000 or 5000 products at a time).

Thank you for your support

I can’t help with the first one. It most likely will require code changes.

The second one, you can edit the number of items in the url/address bar but note that it will put a strain on the server and take time to load.

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Thank you for your reply. Where can I enter the number of pages in the address bar?


It worked!
Thank you so much