XML Flash banner in frontpage

How correctly add XML Flash banner into front page?

I have these files:



/img - directory

everything uploaded to images/flash/

I have tried to add banner as it shows in [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation but it didn’t work for me, i’v tried to add new center banner, edited tpl file for it but it didn’t show me flash…

How can I make it work?

This is what I did to get my flash to work.

First I uploaded to my root my:



Then I made a folder inside my root images folder called flash. So basically images/flash

I then changed my xml file to point to those images so my xml looks like:

Then I added into my style sheet:

.flash {

Then in admin => design => site layout

I put:



With the steps above I was able to display and center my flash.

I hope it helps,


Thanks brandonvd, I’ve done everything you said and it works perfectly.

I have uploaded swf and xml files into root dir and it works, don’t know why but it doesn’t take swf file from other dir for example /images/flash or other… but for now it suites me…

Thank You again :wink:


My question is very basic. May i know where should I get .swf file to implement flash banners to home page?

Thank you for help!


I've gotten my stuff from http://www.activeden.net

But, there are tons and tons of files all over the net.