XML Datafeed

Does CS-CART support XML Datafeed?

My vendor offers only XML Datafeed , and I want import the data to CS-Cart. How could i do that ?


Yes my vendor also to anyone?

I second that question - any ideas/addons for importing data from feeds to cs-cart??

im all for this

all you need to do is on the export page clear all the text in the box and write “yourfilename.xml” that would solve your problem. (instead of csv)

I don’t think this is what is being requested. I have a supplier that can give me XML data for products I can import into CS-Cart, if it had that capability. Some sort of mapping ability would be needed, but I’ve seen this in many other carts.

Has anyone had success with this or attempted to mod this? If not, I’ll have to, but I’m sure it has been done before. It seems to be basic enough (famous last words?).

I’d recommend getting XML manipulation tools from Altova. Like this one:

[url]Data Mapping Tools: MapForce | Altova

Their tools make data migration a breeze…

Anyone every come to a conclusion if you can do this. My vendor offers xml feed and documents and i would like to import the xml files or data feed. How would i go about doing this.