XHTML in the Future for CS Cart?

I ran my CSC through the w3 validator and found so many issues when I was debugging a mod, I decided to convert the entire product to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. I’m making progress, but it is slow. I’ve converted some tables, but my emphasis is to validate to xhtml 1.0 first.

I’m also in the process of creating a XHTML template. But damn it’s a lot of work… there are so many tables! I want this for CS-Cart also, I suggest you make your voice heard to the CS-Cart team and keep pushing. The more people the better.

I’ve done it, now everyone else needs to!

For those not knowing the benefits of XHTML/CSS layouts, this is a very short brief list:

  • Faster speed (less HTML code to render and load)
  • Cleaner templates (easier to edit and change)
  • CSS stylesheets (easier to edit visual look)
  • Easier to modify your cart when code is easier to separate from design
  • Easier to manually update when the code is more readable

    We need CS-Cart to step up to Web 2.0. At this moment it’s far behind in this area, but the functionality of the cart itself is awesome, which I believe most people can agree with.

This is one place where the current version of X-Cart outdoes the current version of CS-Cart. As I recall, X-Cart 4.1.x validates as 1.0 transitional. It would be really great to see some improvement in this area from CS-Cart.


Yes please put in XHTML

No table please also!! :slight_smile:

I couldnt agree more…

It seems rather than table rows, they decide to put table in table in table in table etc etc

Just looking at the Category navigation alone, contains god knows how many tables…

Most other carts are moving towards better compliance such as xhtml which as mentioned above, is essential for SEO and maintenance tasks…

I know the forums not the best place to make your voice heard… but where is ? Communication in the control panel or ???

The cart has awful amount of tables. All these makes the site render slow.

Send your suggestions to CS-Cart via the Communication in helpdesk.

If any of you have successfully converted your interface to tableless xhtml, I want to leverage your work on a project of my own. I’m willing to pay for the work you’ve done to save me some time. So if you could, please post how much you’d be willing to agree to so I can get that from you. I just don’t feel like wrangling the code, and the support team said it would take three more months to get to a tableless point in the full product. Let me know if there are any questions.

Warm Regards,


It’s been over 6 months, and the demo design is still bloated with tables. Has anyone even attempted to convert to tableless? I would have thought by now something would be available. Is it hiding somewhere?


I just found the demo store, and there are no more tables, hehe. Nice, finally. I hope early September means in the next few days. Seriously, I need it now. :slight_smile: