Xcache In Config.local.php?

Hi all, we're running 4.3.8 and in our config.local.php file the caching is currently set to 'file'

I notice in this article; http://kb.cs-cart.com/increasing-performance- that Xcache is shown as an option, even though our config.local.php file makes no mention of it.

We're running Litespeed and currently have Xcache enabled on the server, and file caching enabled in Cs Cart.

I'm just wondering if I can change my caching in CS Cart to Xcache? If so, should I disable the current cache pool in Xcache as it will now talk directly to Cs Cart? In other words, I dont want two caches fighting with each other if that makes sense.

I'm keen to explore this caching option, but just don't want to configure it incorrectly.