Xampp - Importing Products

Anyone running XAMPP?

I am having a problem importing products. At first I had a max_post file size error and I fixed that but now I can't import anything it just spins and does nothing forever with no progress.

I know my import file is fine. I have tried it on a live website and it works just fine.

I am stuck using XAMPP because that is the only way I could get Store Import to run and I am trying to get my V3 store up to speed. Yes, store import worked fine but importing products does not.

Any help appreciated.



I run cscart using xampp.. But, you mean you want to run cscart completely on localhost, or live?

I guess I am missing something here :P

Xampp - Locally only for development - Can't import csv files.

Is there any error showing up?

No Errors, been through all the logs - Are you running Xampp? Can you import? Do you have Windows 10?

I run XAMPP in Win 10 yes.

Why don't you export the whole database and try to import it rather than trying to import the produts only?

trying to import new products and reconfigure the store.

Are your new csv files in the correct form?

How many products are you importing at one time? I run wampserver (similar to xampp) on Windows 10 for store development and large imports are a problem. I cut my imports down to about 1000 products per import.