X-Cart 5 to be based off litecommerce 3

Thank god I don’t use this software anymore!!

[url]LiteCommerce v3 Preview - X-Cart forums

LC 2 was AWFUL software. This is like watching a train wreck about to happen :cool: LOL

Thanks CS-Cart for listening to US!

I like this users post


Anyone in their right mind is not going to start a business based on a cart which is soon to be scrapped.

I’m really concerned here about QT’s leadership and direction.

Currently your development team is spread across X-cart 4, X-cart 5, LC3 and Ecwid. Are you confused as a company? This is way too fragmented.

You announced last year the LC and x-cart 4 would be replaced with x-cart 5.

With competitors carts becoming more and more feature rich and leading the way I actually thought it was a good idea that you had decided to put all your energy into x-cart 5 rather than maintaining two systems.

Then out of nowhere you release ecwid. I still don’t really understand what it is to be honest.

Then on Thursday we get LC V3 which has nothing to do with LC V2 so really LC V3 is a brand new platform.

Now you are saying LC V3 is a preview for X-cart 5. What???

Don’t get me wrong, QT are an exciting talented company but are you really listening to your existing customers and what they require?


I noticed the grumbling about this the last time I poked my head in over at the X-Cart forums. I’m hoping the CSC guys can stay focused now Multi-Store and Pro / Not-Pro offerings about to be released.

I’ve used both LC and X–Cart and don’t miss them. However, ECWID looks like an impressive dead-simple cart solution for small shops. The Facebook integration is especially compelling.


LOL … I needed a good laugh, my kids diaper pail smells better then X, maybe they should hire spiral onboard as their corporate security expert while they completely flush their business down the toilet … LOL

I used ewcid for a project.

Dead simple? Yes. Effective? Yes.

Possible to just embed anyplace? Uh-huh.

But try running an SEO campaign off of it. Good luck with that. It also doesn’t degrade nicely if your javascript support is wonkie. Unless they have improved it significantly over the past year, it is a great tool for folks who already have organic traffic and want a nicer cart-like alternative to paypal buttons but don’t want to commit to a full blown cart.

It serves a very different need - a great temporary purchasing window. I wouldn’t think twice about using it as a one off - for example, in my case I used it for a sales event weekend.

I would never think of trying to build a full business off of it - it is the mobile taco stand of e-commerce.