WYSWYG editor page length limit?

I am pasting in a rather large terms and condistions page for editing. Every time, the editor cuts off the page. Is there a documented character or length limit for pages we can edit thru the WYSWYG editor. Even when I paste in th eremaining text, upon changing views (between source and editor) or saving the page, the text gets cut off again. The text is approximately 24 pages long in MS word. I’ve structured it as a long document witha table of contents linking to heading anchors within the document.


Two possibilties, the first is that the table of contents and anchors from word are somehow screwing things up ?

Or, two - the textarea form field has a maximum value that you will not be able to get past.

If you have remote access to the cs-cart database ( I use ‘Sequel Pro’ ) then you could always try finding the page and then inserting the text in directly to the database. However, this would not necessarily have any table of contents etc etc…

You have to edit that database, there is a character limit of 255 characters. Change this to 9999 and you’ll fix said issue.