wysiwyg editor

Hi CS-Cart Team

Would there be any possibility of this WYSIWYG editor replacing FCK in future releases.


Nice idea, but doubt they can get licensing for that since the offer their own CMS. Also, it is done in ASP which is far less supported than other implementations. In fact, my hosting provider doesn’t support asp. so no thank you :slight_smile:


[quote]A powerful Web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor that is designed for easy integration into your custom web applications or web content management systems (Supports: ASP, PHP, ASP.NET).[/quote]

[quote]Use of InnovaStudio WYSIWYG Editor (SOURCE CODE) requires one license per developer.[/quote]

A few of the big cart are now using this.

Oh…well in that case :slight_smile: bring it on!

Are we talking about simple interface here for use with product content entry or does this cart have a CMS capability?

nevermind the top question, just seen it in the manual.


Anyhow, One thing I DID NOT see is the posibilitiy to create hidden pages.

I have yet to create squat, so forgive me if I have not followed the path of the creation of a page, but usually, when a page such as this is ceated, there is usually a standard landing / listing location where these pages go by default.

now I would require a way to creat multiple pages that are NOT listed, yet could be linked to from either outside links from affiliates, special lnading pages for keywords, etc, but not be visiable if you are just surfing the store.

now if there is an orderby, I would imagine that this could be set up like If order over 500 = hidden or such.

Has anyone lookded at this capability to add to the CMS functions? When the pages are listed, is is an order they are called and listed in order to use such a hack? OR could we just add an additional two buttons, like hidden and view hidden.

This way I can make a page hidden by default, and also click another button to view it if altered in order to ensure it is set up properly etc.

Clear as mud?

This could be a powerful addition to this fine mod here, and many people would find many uses for this capability.

[quote name=‘zardos’]Hi CS-Cart Team

Would there be any possibility of this WYSIWYG editor replacing FCK in future releases.


whats wrong with FCK?

FCK works great and is free software, why would you want to change it to another wysiwyg editor that does’nt offer additional features and costs $$$, however if CS did offer an alternative wysiwyg I would be happy if comparable in features.