Wysiwyg Editor Not Showing Up In Html Block

I have created an html block on a Category page and when I open the block options and click the “content” tab Why doesn’t the HTML Editor show up? There is a box that says content but no WYSIWYG editor. Is there something special I need to do to get the editor to appear?

Any and All Help is appreciated.




Hi. What WYSIWYG editor do you use? Try to switch to the “source” mode. There shoulbe a special icon on the top of the WYSIWYG panel.

I had the same thing happen to tinymce after 4.13 upgrade. This also happened when I modded the editor js file and forgot a bracket.

For me…

Solution 1 was select different editor, clear server cache, validate it worked. then did the same process for tinymce.

Solution 2, fixed the file, cleared server cache

hopefully this is a possible fix