Wysiwyg Editor 4.2.2

Upgraded yesterday from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2 and now have an issue with the WYSIWYG editor (IE11)

I am using the TINYMCE EDITOR as it the best of a bad bunch and now I am getting edit type of HTML boxes around each and every line I type. type a line get a box, enter key to go to a new paragraph and get a new box around that line etc etc and if you copy and paste some text the same thing happens around every line

SEE attached picture 1 FOR tinymce and attached picture 2 for CKeditor

Redactor sees fine but as its horrid I wont use it

The second picture is CKeditor and the same thing is happening… Dont like CKeditor either, like I said TINYMCE is the pick of a bad bunch.

Now it gets odder, this is only happeing in IE11, all is working fine in Chrome and Firefox, yes I know dont use IE as it sucks but this problem shouldnt be happeing in the major browser and not happeing in the other 2

So am at a loss at this stage as to why this is happeing in IE11


CK editor.JPG