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Just went live last night! Any feedback would be appreciated.




Layout is messed up with Google Chrome.

Hi Jonah, could you tell me what script you are using on the main page which dynamically changes the images?

@sholand: Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll look into it.

@ndhawan: The top rotator is s3slider and runs off of one banner that contains all the images/markup. The bottom featured products scroller runs off of jCarousel (built in to CS Cart) and is available as an option in the block settings.

  • Jonah

Hi Jonah,

Nice site,looks great! What module/code have you used for the columns in the top menu? Is that custom code?

Thanks kbitb,

It’s just custom CSS code to get the two

  • elements in the drop down floating next to each other. Feel free to dig around in the CSS to try and duplicate it.

    • Jonah
  • Congratulations Jonah is looks super!

    And thank you for your help last week :slight_smile:

    It’s looking very good and well laid out. How did you get the tab drop down to work for the Boys category?

    Never mind I figured it out.

    @fived - thanks for the praise and no problem.

    @ roban - thanks, the drop down is simply the top menu using our categories and sub-categories and then some css action.

    • Jonah

    It is nice website, congratulations !

    How did you install the s3slider?

    Great job… I like it a lot

    @kfaer - thanks! It’s hard to explain but basically I just included the script and manually created the html for the slides in a text banner.

    @racingsolution - thanks!