www.wheelylift.com - Unique Bicycle Storage System

Hi all,

Check out this CS-Cart 3.0.1 webshop we developed.

Let me know what you think about it.


Nice one! Cool product too.

And no more interspire for you guys I see? :)

Very nice! Great design.

Two small suggestions:

  1. video that starts automatically (especially with loud audio) will irritate users.

  2. the cart interface elements in the head look a bit jumbly:

    Maybe try this:

That is a cool product. Too bad you are over in Europe or wherever. There are a few of us fat Americans that actually do ride bikes. Although, I'm not really fat, I'm just big boned.

I will agree with the video automatically playing. I also find that really annoying, especially here at work where my connection is slow.

Personally, I think your cart stuff looks just fine.

The site looks great. I love the orange and how it flows between the header and the content area. Kind of cool.

Great job.



Just curious why you are live using RC6.

Site looks good and the product is cool to. I agree with site videos and audio being bad I usually dont like them but I see how in your case it is important to get across how it works right at the start and it is only 23 secs long. You may want to think about a simple animation constantly rolling instead.

Also you dont have any meta data or keywords in the homepage yet, and you might want to add the automatic cycle lift of something to your homepage title.



It was a must from the customer that the video automaticly starts.

The jumpy header, is because the webshop button must be gone in Japanese.

The metadata must be set by the customer.

We will upgrade to the final version ASAP.

We had a dealine, thats why we are already live with this shop.

Thanks all for your positive comment!

New shops will be launched soon.

[quote name=‘Flow’ timestamp=‘1338471063’ post=‘137749’] Nice one! Cool product too. And no more interspire for you guys I see? :) [/quote] We still do Interspire custom work, because it’s a great shopping cart and marketing product. We wrote a lot of add-ons for it to make it more complete. But after 1 july it’s not possible to buy it anymore.

We made a list of functionalities we would like to see in a new shopping cart system and CS-Cart was the best solution from our wishlist!

Now they (CS-Cart) have to build in some more marketing tools!

Thats what we are missing in CS-Cart at the moment.

If they don’t come soon, we have to write them ourselfs. :-(



[quote name='Mashmedia' timestamp='1338986278' post='138139']

It was a must from the customer that the video automaticly starts.


Bummer. You can lead a horse to water, right?

Maybe you could at least have the audio fade-in instead of blast-off at the beginning.

I know… But it was a must from our customer.

It also have to loop, but i cannot make it work.

Seems Google changed something.

Any sugestions?