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We are finaly there. Our new shop is up and running. Please give comments about the design. There are still some bugs in the design we need to fix. Besides the shop is live and running.

Info who we are :

Common Knowledge Trust produces The Pink Kit Method For Birthing Better®. The Pink Kit Method is based on our shared human body and how to prepare our pregnant body for giving birth. The Pink Kit childbirth preparation birth skills are ideal for all birth situations because birth is birth whether it takes place in hospital, at home or in a rice patty. Birth is birth whether we have a caesarean delivery or a vaginal birth. Birth is birth whether we have a natural or medical birth, midwife or obstetrician. Childbirth skills need to be learned when pregnant then used in our birth in our role as parents-to-be. Childbirth skills help us work with our baby’s efforts to be born. We not only share a common human woman’s body when pregnant and giving birth, men also share the same human body. The Pink Kit Method childbirth preparation birth skills are equally for mothers and fathers-to-be. Pregnant women must learn how-to work with their baby’s efforts to be born and fathers-to-be must learn how to help the birthing woman. Together this is called a family effort.

I really didn’t see any problems with your site personally. the only thing I would change is under blog feed you have thepinkkitforpositivebirth. I would separate that instead of having them together (I see the reason they are together is because the blog address is like that) but more than that you have a pretty nice site. If only my sister would have known about this website before she had my 1 Y/O niece I think she would have liked it…

Anyhow nice website :slight_smile:

Very nice, clean design.

I did notice that the footer separates from the rest of the page vertically, on pages where the content is shorter than total height of viewable area. Looks a little weird

Other than that, I really couldn’t browse too many pages - they all seem to load VERY slow, occasionally just locking up alltogether.

But the design is very nicely done.

Thanks, the website behind the shop is based on joomla cms, we are working on a new caching system that should improve loading time of the cms.

Sorry for bumping but I need some feedback on how complicated it is to register, find the checkout button and proceed to the payment. If you have some time please test this shop you don`t have to buy anything. My boss thinks that the checkout button is hard to find and the currency selection as well.

Many Thanks in advance


FYI: you have a typo on the home page

“Fnding the best birth positions based on your unique pregnant body.”

In my opinion…

I’d say that a link to the shop would be better placed in the menu at the top, so it’s easier to find. Avoid going to a new broswer page for the shop. It’s not that different from the rest of the website, so it would be more seemless to stick with the same page.

[quote name=‘sholand’]aaly,

FYI: you have a typo on the home page

“Fnding the best birth positions based on your unique pregnant body.”[/QUOTE]

Thanks I fixed that one