How does it look so far:

pretty good. i like the book in about us section. i didnt read it though but i liked the idea. the banners on the right look a bit mashed together. mabey space them out or make them a bit smaller. otherwise i like it.

Its a start. Still looks pretty default template to me. Keep going but good start

Can you work with flash?

I can email you the swf file and you can do it to if you like.

How do you make it not look like a template.

customize it as you wish or leave it. it looks fine to me. mine is “stock” i happen to like the blue. http://www.planethi-fi.com. I am working on a flash logo though. just to add some spice

I spotted yours today on another post, I love the way you did the middle area, my thing is search engines like text and as you can see I use keywords in the description, how are you ranking?

i know. my center is all jpeg , its the only way i know how to do thoes graphics. im hoping it will pick it up from the rest of the site. i dont know how it ranks, im not quite done yet so i havent pushed it out there.