www.redbreastrobin.com/index - Getting there


Still working on it but its getting there. In my opinion its looking great, BUT thats because I made it so im going to think that lol, so let me know.

It only an online catalog and not a store, so ive removed and changed quite a few things:

Removed all cart options, links etc: “add to cart”, “view cart” amount in stock etc etc.

Removed all register links as im only allowing dealers to log in and not the public. Removed shipping and billing information from the “my account”.

Removed the right colum on every page apart from the main page.

Im now just re-arranging the design making it look how i want it aswell as moving a few things around like the search box, login link etc.

Any opinions please let me know.


any thoughts/suggestions?

clean looking… still reminds me of default template but def has its own feel

i think it looks great, i like the color scheme, its a nice clean look. i think the default templates are nice enough to hold thier own.