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[url]林芝诓勺餐饮管理有限公司 im live with a forum and image gallery…LOTS of mods to this cart…tons!!!

In terms of design its definately one of the best CS looking sites ive ever seen :slight_smile: Having said that it took a good 10 seconds to load for me and im on a 20meg broadband connection.

Overall a fantastic job!

Same here, took 25sec to load, very good design

yea im looking into why its taking so long to load…it very well could be the host its ok

index.tpl (0.06305) (total)

could very well be that its going from the usa to where you are???


My personal view is to remove the ugly white area, and not hot-link images.

The site is faster then it once was.

yep im in the process of changing that stuff…here is an example of how its done…i edited the admin side and made it so i no longer have to edit the desc. in html…just type the text and it auto formats it to what it needs to be…


Certainly come along way since the first look I had, looks really good m8

why thank you…ive dont ALOT of mods to the backend to make product addition/modification alot easier…its the little things that make the cart better ya know