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Moved my parent’s gift shop website from yahoo store to cs-cart last month - let me know what you think. Thanks!


Nice Site and only 26 miles from me. I’m in Downingtown.

You may want to check on the PA taxes.

I did a test purchase with Downingtown as the ship to address.

In PA we have to charge pa sales tax on shipping.

I “purchased” two items for 32.95 (65.90) and shipping was 12.98 (total 78.88).

The taxes should be 4.73. The cart showed 3.96. The total showed 82.84 and should be 83.61.


wasn’t charging tax on shipping - does shipping normally get taxed? total of 65.90 x .06 (pa tax) = $3.96.

I think you have a nice theme on the site

the “T” in Toll free should be capitalized just to let you know

just out of curiosity how do you personalized the ceramics, by hand? with china colors?

thanks for the advice - will change toll to caps. all the items are hand painted - my mother is the artist - paints on porcelain.

Unfortunately, PA Tax is charged on shipping and hadling if purchased or shipped to PA.


[url]Are shipping and/or handling charges subject to Sales Tax?

Are shipping and/or handling charges subject to Sales Tax?

[COLOR=“Red”]If the item(s) being shipped is taxable, the shipping and handling charges are also subject to tax. If the item(s) being shipped is not subject to Sales Tax, neither are the shipping and handling charges. In the case where items being shipped are of a mixed (both taxable and nontaxable) nature, then the shipping and handling charges for the entire shipment are subject to tax.[/COLOR]

How does a retailer handle sales of merchandise subject to the PA Sales Tax when shipped to a customer out of state?

[COLOR=“Red”]Sales to out-of-state customers are not subject to PA Sales Tax when the item is shipped directly to an out-of-state location.[/COLOR]

All Tax info is here:

[url]PA Department of Revenue Homepage