www.j-ohsperfumes.com.com – Access to high quality name brand Perfumes at a discounted price.

I really don’t like writing reviews, but after all the help I have received form this forum I trying to help out anyway I can.

I am sorry to say, but this site is not ready for prime time (not ready to go live).

  1. The image on the main page is too wide, casing the page to brake on the right side.

  2. If you don’t have a large image, don’t use the larger image option.

  3. The logo size is too big for this template, causing a lot of white space in the header.

  4. There is nothing wrong with using one of the default templates, I am also using one also, but make some changes, change the color add you own buttons.

  5. There is no shipping or product return policy information on the site.

  6. The about our company page needs some work.

    The statement listed below is untrue, and if that is true it is not reflected on your website.

    J-OhsPerfumes.com is the leading online beauty store in the U.S”

    If I am not mistaken you mite have gotten this wording from a different website, there is not wrong with letting your customers know that you’re a small store. Just let them know the advantages of shopping with your store such as personal service, on time order fulfillment, etc.

  7. No SSL Certificate. I see that you are using PayPal therefore the credit card information is entered on there side, and some mite say you don’t need it. The way I feel is that any portion of the site that the customer has to enter there personal information should be under a SSL.

  8. Your shipping price is too high, compared to your competitors. $10.00 to ship one bottle of perfume, I can get 4 bottles of the same perfume ship for less from several of your competitors. Do some research on the market your in!

  9. On the checkout page if you are not going to ship internationally, edit the country list to only include the country that your doing to ship to.

    I know you’re excited to get your business going, but you still have a lot of work to do.

    It is really funny I am doing this review, I am also in the same market, but there is more to an ecommerce business that just uploading a website.

thanks for the review , may i see your site, I thin k that will help tremendously.


couple of small things:

  1. I would get rid of the family icon at the top right… not really befitting a perfume store
  2. Change your favicon… you have CS cart’s which doesn’t fit your store
  3. From a woman’s perspective (your main client base), I would pick a softer skin for perfume. Red and black is kind of harsh. If possible, modify our cart to something more unique…If you are claiming to be the leading seller, then you should have a branded look…

    Shazer7, your comments are very insightful. I would appreciate any feedback you might have on my site…:mrgreen: Be brutal… Thank you!