www.ims-catalog.com - Feedback?


Don't try to order anything yet! There's no SSL or payment gateway setup.

This is still on the test server but I thought I'd try to get some last-minute feedback before I pull the trigger.

And before anyone talks about the speed: I know. I have a lot of optimizing to do after I bung it over to the other host.

The “Create Your Own Binder” uses the Product Designer Addon by Alt-Team. I think I might be the first one to try to go live with it. It loads Suuuuper slow and has some hitches that worry me.

Alt-Team also helped me with the quantity discounts. Selecting different product options reloads the table and recalculates the discount. So that's pretty cool.

If you'd like to take a look at the site it's replacing go to www.unikeep.com. That was a real rat-nest to unravel and try to redesign. My clients suffer from website-fever: always creating new ones while the old ones stagnate. I hope my site is an improvement.

Seriously awesome site. I really like to add a blog to my site in the same way you did yours. Any tips super appreciated.

Love the footer of your site.

The navigation drop down, is it the mega drop down add on or something? Love the way the product drop down shows up.

Did you design this site yourself?



I'm manually creating the blog section for now although I will probably install wordpress eventually. It's pretty simple:

  • Just make new pages for each post with the “blog home” page being the parent. Then create a Unique HTML block for the side-nav. You have to manually update this every time you create a new blog post, but it only takes a few seconds. Once I start having hundreds of posts it will become unmanageable and I'll need to either install a blog platform like wordpress or build some more functionality into it.

    Yeah, the main navigation is the jQuery mega-dropdown. Good eye.

    And yes, I did everything but the photography and some of the icons - those were done by our graphic designer.

    Do you see any usability issues or design problems?

I like it , regards the usability I have a ltiile tip, I have been using the product designer a while here and here

and found that changing the language text “photo must be up to ,blah blah” on the image upload tab to something tellling the customer to click on image to add to product, helped stop some orders coming through as plain but then the customer expecting the logo to be added at the same price.

We changed it to “important you MUST click on image to add to product”, and helps alot.

Also we added a how to video (which I must admit is rough n ready)

And the addon from SEONID product images allows the printed item to be seen in the cart and not just the regular thumb.

Where is the mega menu from I could do with that

Great site good luck.


Thanks, John.

Good call on the “must click thumbnail” verbiage.

I've been thinking of making a screen capture video tutorial myself, but I don't know how good my voice will be for narration. We'll see I guess.

That mega drop-down menu was something I sort of pieced together from a bunch of different jQuery sources. If you're really interested, I could gather up the files and send them your way, but it's pretty tricky to get it working if you don't do a lot of jQuery stuff.