Finally, after months of delays the site has launched as of Saturday. We are excited it’s launched but of course a website is never completed.


Looks good, nice job!

Only thing I might mention is that the bottom scroll bar is still displayed when viewed at 1024 x 768, you may want to reduce your page width by a few pixels to eliminate this, just a pet pieve of mine to see the scroll bar when not really necessary.

Your site looks really good - nice and clean and professional.

Just one thing - you have “Free shipping ever day” on the home page - do you mean “every day”?

Well done.

I’m not really a big fan of the scrolling text. It’s really distracting. If you have something important to tell your customers you shouldn’t bother them by making them wait for the text to scroll back around.

Thank you for your comments.

Place looks really nice, seems like you have spent an awful lot of time on getting this place looking pretty.