Hi. my new site is online, and fully working.

Have a look at the skin. is worth it.

I like the skin, it’s nice. However, I would suggest adding featured products on the homepage. and Maybe add more blocks on the right side, like a newsletter signup, bestsellers, etc.

Also the header links aren’t very visible, maybe change the font color to white?

Other than that, It looks good.

Good job!

Just think it looks amazing!

Which skin did you use?

Well Done!

It looks nice. My personal taste I do not like menu and logo to use so much top space. Keep in mind that average visitor uses 15 - 17" screen Also not sure if white background in category and some other places matches the rest background. I like the overall color just this white is not so good I personally think.

Your About our company page is full of grammatical errors

Its good that your thinking outside of the box but Ive got to agree

the white areas now look out of place completely.

The cart is also not very prominent and hard to see with my brightness settings on my screen.