www.evecookies.com - Eve Online Ingame goodies.

We are selling ingame items for a very succesfull MMORPG - Eve online.

www.evecookies.com - simple and efficient.

I was getting serious errors so stopped looking.

confirmed, you have some serious errors, also I couldn’t find any chocolate chip cookies anywhere? do you have the caramel almond cookies?

yep i had some warning error as well i think you are missing some permisssionos of some files not properly set or some files missing in some directory. i had that issue as well but i dont recall how i fixed it.:frowning:



Now there is a 403 Message

Access Forbidden

Access denied. Please click on the back button to return to the former page.

EVECookies is in the process of upgrading their shoppingcart.

So 403 pages are good :wink: