www.eliteak.com - Outdoor furniture online

Hey there, we just released a fancy GUI for www.eliteak.com, the brand new outdoor furniture e-commerce website. Please feel free to post your comments!



Finally see one really nice and browser friendly website design.

Very well done. Excellent. in fact.


Excellent Design.

Very nice, well put together site. It’s always nice to see what can really be accomplished with CS when you have a well versed developer that knows what he/she is doing and someone that brings funds to the table to get the desired results. After all this is a business, a hobby for some but you have to spend it to make it…well done! Very informative site…lot of work went into this site. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sorry I don’t have any problems to mention but this is not my area of expertise. Just wanted to say great job!


a benchmark finishing. thank you for posting. best wishes.

looks great. i just noticed that you do not have ssl on checkout

Well done!

I get this (using latest FireFox)


instead of USD or dollar sign in currency selection drop down menu. It does not look correct.

Very nice, top notch design work!

Thanks for all your comments. Very appreciated!

Can you write me here of over PM what you have paid, and where is the Developer Team of it?

thanks best regards

That is a wonderful and very pleasant website to view.

Really impressed with the effort put into this site.

Its a great example of what can be achieved with cs-cart.

Well done.

What a great, clean design.

I'd be interested in knowing who did the design and CS-Cart integration.


Thanks for inform about your new release Perrocaliente.