I’d like to present my Spanish site http://www.electrogeneral.com

Please, be very critical, I love negative constructive critics.:smiley:

No one has an opinion about my store? Not even to say “I hate it” :frowning:

Obviously I expect you to say “I hate it for this and that” :rolleyes:

More than advertising I just want to receive critics to improve what’s missing or failing in my store.

I plan to place a list of logos of companies I work with so the client knows we deal with Paypal, Moneybooers, “my spnaish bank logo” SEUR, UPS, Spanish postal service, etc. would you recommend me to place it at bottom, all in one line?:???:

Not much to critique. It looks just like the Cs-cart default blue skin ([url]http://demo.cs-cart.com/index.php?&demo_skin[C]=default_blue[/url]) with a different background image.

One comment, I do not like the all caps in the left toolbar. All caps is considered rude on the Internet.

Hi, triplets!

Thanks for commenting.You’re right, it is default blue skin, I like that skin and since I’m not able to change it to improve it I rather leave it like that. In the future I will hire someone who can deliver a professional skin adapted to my site.

As for the capital letters, you’re right, capitals are considered as “shouting” but in my case it is either all capital letters or all small, not like I’d like it to be but I have no choice, why? beause my catalog is updated every 24h with a csv cron provided by my supplier. Everything you see there comes from a csv updated every 24h and they won’t change it, no matter how much I have begged them to. The csv is a mess, some categories are in capitalized, others are not, and that is truly awful to look at.

would it be better if the categories were all in small letters?

You can lower case the toolbar by making a slight modification to the template and using the smarty language. Look at [url]http://www.smarty.net/manual/en/language.modifiers.php#language.modifier.capitalize[/url]


modify the css that controls the toolbar using [url]http://www.w3schools.com/Css/pr_text_text-transform.asp[/url]

#vmenu { /* Common style */

margin: 0px;

padding: 0px;

list-style: none;

font-size: 12px;

[COLOR=“Red”] text-transform: capitalize;[/COLOR]


yes, I have already tried that but when I use capitalize the category names that are all in capitals remain the same. Pleae, bear in mind that the csv has some category names all in capitals and others in small letters. It’s a mess!

I in fact followed the advise of Mikefold when told him about my letter issue witht he csv:


text-transform: uppercase;

Here are text-transform properties

capitalize -

transforms the first character in each word to uppercase; all other characters remain unaffected—they’re not transformed to lowercase, but will appear as written in the document

lowercase -

transforms all characters to lowercase

none -

produces no capitalization effect at all

uppercase -

transforms all characters to uppercase

So I either chose between having all letters small which looks kind of weird or in upper case, which seems like screaming :frowning:

Note: i have it in lower case now, is it better this way?

[quote name=‘Triplets’]You can lower case the toolbar by making a slight modification to the template and using the smarty language. Look at [url]http://www.smarty.net/manual/en/language.modifiers.php#language.modifier.capitalize[/url]


I would use the smarty language and use a double transform. First convert all to lower case. Then use the capitalize command.

ok, I have all categories in lowercase , now I am suppose to use smarty language but as I’m not too “smarty” I need to ask the typical silly questions.

Do I use it in vmenu.css right under the css command to lowercase?

How must i put it?




Did i mention i have no idea about these things?:rolleyes:

No, you need to find the template (.tpl) file the variable is in and apply the smarty tranform to the variable. Turn on cs-cart debug mode and it will help you find the varibale that the menu is using and what template file it is in.

I think it is this one:

{capture name=“sidebox”}

{if $settings.Appearance.categories_menu_type == ‘emenu’}

    {include file=“categories_pages/menu_items.tpl” items=$categories separated=false submenu=false}


{include file=“categories_pages/categories_tree.tpl”}



{include file=“common_templates/sidebox.tpl” title=$lang.categories content=$smarty.capture.sidebox icon=“sidebox_icon_catalog.gif” sidebox_wrapper=“sidebox-categories-wrapper”}

In customer\categories_pages\menu_items.tpl





(I added |capitalize to the end of the code)

That should do it.

Hi! I did it but it doesn’t change much.

Curiously when I click on the category, it is capitalized when in the main panel along with the rest of subcategories, but not in the left column in the front page :eek:

I bet you still have the Css set for lowercase. Remove the CSS, it is overwriting the smarty change.

triplets, II thought the idea was to have the css set for lowercase and then have the smarty change that for capitalize. If not, the smarty will do the same as the css, it’s like giving the same command but 2 different ways.

I have now removed the css tex-transform and what do we get? That the smarty commands make exactly the same thing as the css when set to capitalize, that is, all 1st letters are in uppercase and the rest just as they come in the csv, so back to the beginning :smiley:

I appreciate very much your help, just wanted to add that

You need to use the Smarty code to first lowercase then catpitalize.

Modifiers can be chained together:


The modifiers will be applied in order from left to right.

yes, you are correct 1st lowercase and then capitalize, all in smarty, I made the change like this:


and I worked but the Gods are against me, take a look at the funny result: i could not help laughing when I saw it. some letters in the middle of the word are uppercase others at the end, it’s like written for a children’s site or sth :smiley:

My, is that bad luck or what? do you see it like that on your end?:???:

It is the non english characters causing the problem.

Try adding :true to the end



yes, it is true, on a closer look it happens right after a Spanish letter like ñ or an accent on a vocal. I have in fact the same problem in my store with names in the orders and invoice, I get strange symbols instead of the letter ñ or a vocal with an accent, very annoying.

Imagine a French store, their language has 3 differnt accents:rolleyes:

I added :true after capitalize but nothing changes, the whole line it is now like this:


oh, triplets, you must be about to give it up, I’m sure, I would not blame you :frowning:

Unfortunately I am not familiar with how to use foreign characters with the code. Hopefully someone with foreign character experience will chime in.

I just opned a thread in smarty.net forum to see if anyone has a solution for this issue.

If i get a solution, I’ll write it here.

thank you triplets for your help :wink: