www.dungeonknight.com -- Insane replica website

Well the title pretty much sums it all.

A lot of work went into this website. A few small bugs remaining and the seo isnt 100% complete but slowly getting there :slight_smile:

Check it out here, it’s pretty insane.

Dungeon Knight Fantasy Swords

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Very nice job! :wink:

Fast page loads as well, what type of hosting are you using?

“Product Description” in detail page is too long.

Using liquidweb hosting – got a vps over there – running a few sites on the same vps and always great performance.

Hi Joe,

not sure I understand, could you explain in more details?

thanks a ton


I think I just found my son’s xmas present! LOL. The site is awesome! Just FYI, you might want to double check the shipping calculations. Shipping to Hawaii via ground seems kind of low, unless you are going to ship them via priority.

Very awesome skin! Did you make it yourself? Flows really well.

[quote name=‘CSCartSkins’]Very awesome skin! Did you make it yourself? Flows really well.[/QUOTE]

Thanks :slight_smile:

It was partly outsourced(we dont have any that can hand draw that well on staff ;)), but our design team worked on it alot as well. Nice combination effort.

Very well put together. Lot of design effort!

One thing I’d do is increase the font size to 12 in your product descriptions. A bit small as is.


Very nice!!! :smiley:

Inhouse Designer, or outsourced designer? Very nice website for this topic!