www.cyraa.com | Jewelry

After weeks of setting up the shopping cart and website, it’s finally done! This is my first time working with shopping cart software; it was fun and frustrating at the same time. Cyraa offers jewelry that is both modern and fashionable for today’s woman that demands designs with a youthful twist.

URL: [SIZE=“4”]www.cyraa.com[/SIZE].

I would also like to offer CS-Cart forum members an exclusive [COLOR=“Red”]20%[/COLOR] discount instead of the 10% I’m offering on the website. Just PM me and I will send you the coupon code. So get your Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping done now! If you experienced any errors on the website please let me know. Thanks.

Your cart is showing a VAT tax in the shipping estimator regardless of shipping destination. This should most likely be labelled “CA Sales Tax”. Are you required to charge sales tax on out-of-state purchases?


wow looks good

I like how the prices show up when you hover over a product on the main page

I like your design… It surely looks nice!

Wow, I’m impressed…you did this all alone?

Your images are great quality and show the product well!

How and where did you insert the icons at the bottom of the homepage, ie, visa, mc, etc?:confused: