www.candlecrazed.com - Candles

My wife just finished up her own website selling candles. I think it looks very nice. She even went in and was able edit some tpl files and css to suit her taste. So I’m proud of her!


Nice looking website.

One of the fastest loading cs-carts iv’e ever seen, who do you host with and what plan are you signed up with ?

It’s on a dedicated server along with other cs-cart sites. Must be the design because my other stores are not as fast using same server.

Are they all on the same version of cs-cart ?

Not quite sure why you are saying the site loads so fast, it might just be you.

The site loads fine and all, but basically about average.

I’m in California, USA and the site loads about the same as most other CS-Cart USA sites.

According to Pingdom it takes about 9.1 seconds to load.


I’m in NY, I’m not sure why pingdom gives the results it does, however every page load on candlecrazed.com is almost instant and a pleasure to browse. I wish I could say the same for my site which is hosted on a shared server with hostgator.com

@ brandonvd, there are some errors on your website when viewed in chrome.

  1. [url]http://www.saltwatertogo.com/lighting/refugium-lighting.html[/url]

    product listing image overlaps text


    shows the following error message on upper left corner:



I’m in Florida, and this site (and all its pages) load almost instantly for me also. Can I ask who you host with?

When I go back to candlecrazed.com the site does load very fast and going between pages is real quick as well. Maybe it is just the initial page loading time. Once the page is cached in my browser it works much better.

I did a traceroute on the site and it looks like they are hosted with Liquidweb.

Thanks for pointing out the problem on my site. I changed the images around and must have missed these.

As for the cache errors, I just deleted the cache folder and now the errors are gone. I’ll have to look into that.


Yes, our server is with Liquid Web. I have several cs-cart sites using either 2.0.15, 2.1.1, and now one of them has 2.1.2. Was waiting on 2.1.2 to see if how it is before upgrading them all. Not decided yet.