Greetings fellow CS-Cart’ers…

The following is our first CS-Cart implementation for a preferred client of ours. What you see uses Sno’s tab hack and a ton of inhouse graphics work and template tweaks.

A few things worth noting:

  1. Template graphics change when selecting “Spanish/English”
  2. Alt tags in header area change depending on page. Uses meta info as defined in CS-Cart (SEO Consideration).
  3. Use of “Title” tags for menu links and images (SEO Consideration).

    It’s still a work in progress, but largely complete.

    Here’s the new site: [URL=“http://www.1nbcard.net/content”]http://www.1nbcard.net/content[/URL]

    And the old site we are replacing: http://www.1nbcard.com

    Feedback is certainly welcome.

    Thank you all,

    Tim & Bob

    Artisans Media Group, LLC

when you change to spanish, the graphics in the content area are still in english.

Correct. Our translation scope was limited to the template.

Sweet and simple design.

A pretty damm good example on how good cs-cart can look.

Can you please give me a rough idea on how much this would cost?



Cost is difficult in this case because this project scope encompassed not only the cs-cart template, but all the other graphics, logo re-design, SEO, content updates and migration, and a PPC campaign.

If you need graphics, template work, etc. I’m happy to give you an estimate based on your requirements. Our rates are very reasonable.

I will create an “SEO Fundamentals” post shortly that will outline some suggestions on improving your rankings. Much of this we were able to build into the template system. Of course, the SEO considerations in CS-Cart are a very good start.