Wrongly Showing Different Thumbnail Sizes On Same Page

Hi all, hoping someone can help…

I can not seem to work out why when I view a category a few random products are displayed with a bigger thumbnail than the others. (see attached image)

I've tried different thumb values, replacing the images, deleting and re entering the product. Nothing will make all the thumbnail images be the same.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any clues…

Version 4.2.3

wron size thumbnail.jpg

in setting>thumbnails, try setting max values for height an width to constrain the size if 1 image is taller than others.

On the following page you can specify height and width for thumbnails


It looks like only width is defined on your store. So the height is adjusted to the specified image width.

Try to specify height also

You can adjust the size of thrumbnails by against the ideal is to put your product always in a single dimension surface. My picture is on a surface which is 800/800 and is homogeneous throughout the site

Thanks for the replys.

I have all my thumbnail settings specifying height and width.

They show correctly in my “new in” block, just not in category view.

image attached

wrong size thumbnail compared.jpg

I have found the solution. It is a bug.

After methodically changing every aspect of the individual product data, it turns out that those products without an 'additional image' were showing with a longer thumbnail image. Go figure.

Not sure if there is any code I could try, but simply adding an additional image is doing the trick.

Thanks again to those who offered a possible solution.

Did you try to clear thumbnails after the settings were changes. To do it, please use the URL in the following format: